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Welcome to our web site.

We are a small company that excels in the production and supply of quality PVC and polypropylene
binding and presentation products for despatch to the UK and Ireland.
We can also ship to EU countries.

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To order our products please telephone 01580 200663.


Holiday Closedown

As usual, we will be closed for the August Bank Holiday week plus the following Monday, so we will close at 3pm on Friday 26th August and re-open at 9am on Tuesday 6th September.

Donside Pockets (see below) will be open for punched polypropylene pockets, job card holders & letterfiles, and Plasart Ltd. may be able to help you with PVC products, including some of our stock lines.

It's just a week, five working days, not too long to wait we hope!


Important Announcement

As of 1st May 2016, our range of punched polypropylene pockets for ring binders, polypropylene letterfiles and polypropylene card holders (unpunched pockets/job card holders), has been separated from the rest of the Donside Plastics products and transferred from Sussex to Doncaster, within walking distance of the river Don, therefore truly 'Donside'.

The ranges above will be known as 'Donside Pockets'. We, and the new owners of the polypropylene pockets business, wish to assure you that these are the same high quality products, produced on the same machinery to the same specifications, and the price structure will remain the same.

The only disadvantage will be that these products will no longer be available to combine with the rest of the 'Donside Plastics' range in one transaction.

You will still find these pockets listed on our website. Each product has a link to the appropriate 'Donside Pockets' page.

Donside Pockets can be contacted on 01302 288960 or If you are an existing customer for any of these products you can still talk to us on 01580 200663 and we will ensure that your change over goes smoothly, on the same terms and at the same prices.

Don't forget, we are still here for the rest of the 'Donside Plastics' range.


Take a general look around via the green buttons on the left or, if you have an idea what you are looking for, click on the quick links below:

Quick Links

Alternatively, if you know our product code, you can use our code tracking page for quick access to the correct product page.

RING BINDERS: All are stock items except as noted. We usually keep the stock flat and rivet in the mechanisms as required (may take a day or two).

A3 portrait frosted polyprop binders    A3 landscape frosted polyprop binders

A4 PVC presentation binders 

A4 frosted polyprop binders    A4 landscape frosted polyprop binders 

A5 frosted polyprop binders    A5 landscape frosted polyprop binders 

A5 PVC presentation binders (made to order only) 

A6 frosted and blue polyprop binders

A7 frosted polyprop binders 

American Quarto frosted polyprop binders 

American Quarto PVC presentation binders 

Special/printed A4 PVC binders    Printed polypropylene binders 

Compressor Bars for ring binders

POCKETS FOR RING BINDERS: All are stock items.
A4/A6 PVC     Oversized A4 PVC     A5 landscape PVC pockets 

Copysafe punched polypropylene pockets for A5, A4 and A3 portrait, A4 and A3 landscape, and oversized A4 portrait, also to hold ten business cards. 
These are stock items from Donside Pockets

American Quarto (letter size) punched pockets in copy safe polypropylene  These are stock items from Donside Pockets

Punched polypropylene ring binder pockets for CD/DVD storage  These are stock items from Donside Pockets

PRODUCTS FOR COMB/WIRE BINDING: All are stock items except pockets A3 overall.
Clear rigid PVC report covers A3 & A4    Frosted polypropylene report covers A3 & A4 

Pockets A5 overall     Pockets A4 overall     Pockets A3 overall    Pockets with binding margin (unpunched) to take A4 paper 

TAG POCKETS FOR SHOP DISPLAY (POINT OF SALE) OR STORES USE: All are stock items except outdoor display pockets.
Tag pockets A4/A6/A7    A4 Outdoor Display Pockets


A3/A4/A5/DL (1/3rd A4), PVC    A4 pocket with flap and strap    A4 pocket with flap

A5 pocket with flap    PVC pockets with margin (for punching) to take A4 

In polypropylene for standard A4,A5,A6 or A7 paper and business/credit cards  These are stock items from Donside Pockets

SELF-ADHESIVE POCKETS: All are stock items except 1/3rd A4.
Angular pockets left and right S/A     Diagonal corner pockets S/A 

Business/credit card size S/A     A3/A4/A5/A6/A7/DL 1/3rd A4 S/A    Expanding/gusseted A4 self-adhesive pockets.

Parking permit/floppy disc     CD/DVD pockets     Spine label pockets    Pockets with flap (memory card, USB memory stick etc.) 

CD & DVD POCKETS: All are stock items.  These are stock items from Donside Pockets

Punched CD/DVD Pockets with flap

Punched CD/DVD Pockets holds 2 discs

LETTERFILES/FOLDERS ETC:  These are stock items from Donside Pockets

Polypropylene letterfiles (stock item)    

A5 & A6 Document Boxes    

Student Record Card or Job Bags

Document or Conference wallets

Our standard products are off the shelf items, except as noted.

Where we are aware of very small quantities of any of our products being available elsewhere, we provide a direct link adjacent to the product and they are listed here. Please note that we have no connection with any of these companies (other than supplying them with our products in bulk), and are not responsible in any way for their business.

Ring binders, folders, wallets, pockets, coasters, luggage tags.

A selection of custom made PVC products, all
manufactured at our East Sussex premises.


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